Chic Shaper

The Chic Shaper is the amazing new lifting and shaping undergarment that works with any of your existing bras to correct your posture while lifting

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Vanity Hook

‚ÄčThis revolutionary space saving product works with gravity to safely and conviently hold any handbag on the edge of a table or counter top. This ensures added security and helps keep your designer handbags clean and easily within your reach. You can chat and enjoy a drink or meal with your friends without cluttering your space, worrying about the safety of your luxury handbag, or dirtying it.

Our Innovative compact and foldable design is finished with a durable polished metallic silver frame. A slip resistant base firmly secures the hook to the surface of the table when in use and an internal magnet holds the hinged links closed when not in use.

And the compact top opens up to a built in foldable makeup mirror!

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