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Miracle Blade 3

With your order of the Miracle Blade III

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Plasma Cool

​The Plasma Cool PC-14E Portable Air Conditioner is on the cutting edge in cooling technology and design! It provides cold air where you need it most - in whatever room you're in!

You'll discover the next generation of portable air conditioners with 40-50% more cooling power! The Plasma Cool PC-14E can be plugged into any household outlet to transform any room in your home into a "cool zone."

The Plasma Cool PC-14E delivers 14,000 BTUs for remarkable maximum cooling power and now it comes with patented NanoMist technology, which means there is no water to drain. The Plasma Cool PC-14E rolls easily from room to room, blending seamlessly into any decor.

The Plasma Cool PC-14E Portable Air Conditioner is designed to cool rooms up to 500-600 sq. ft!

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Garry Vac

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The Garry™ Ultra Light Vacuum is a professional quality, ultra lightweight vacuum with superior suction power. The Garry’s™ powerful agitating brush spins at an impressive 6,600 RPM – delivering ONE PASS no-back-track technology. This means that the Garry™ loosens stubborn, even hidden ground-in dirt from your carpets, rugs, wood floors, furniture and drapes THE FIRST TIME YOU PASS OVER THE DIRT!

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Roberto Rossi Professional Cookware

All the professional features that chefs demand 
Enjoy the pleasure of using your professional chef’s knives. Superior quality and entirely crafted by hand, you can use them with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and for all cutting, slicing and chopping. Each knife is forged to give you the perfect weight, balance and handling. They’re made using the finest carbon stainless steel to give the knife strength, durability and along-lasting cutting edge. And, lastly they are stone ground, making them tapered from the back of the blade right to the cutting edge, giving the knife an exceptional degree of sharpness.
The set includes an 10” carving knife, a 9” bread knife with special scalloped serrations to stop the bread tearing and making thinner slices easy, an 8” chef’s knife, a 5” utility knife for tasks like sandwich cutting, preparing salad and fruit, and a 3.5” paring knife for preparing vegetables and for finely chopping herbs. They normally sell for $44.99, $44.99, $52.99, $25.99 and $20.99 each but TODAY ONLY you can own this professional set worth $189.95 for FREE!.

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i Heaters

iHeater - Save Up To 50% On Your Heating Bills

  • Infrared technology is extremely efficient
  • Whisper quiet to use
  • Heats a room evenly from floor to ceiling
  • Save money on your heating bills
  • The iHeater costs up to 50% less than competitive heaters
  • Heats a 1000 square foot area for pennies a day

Offer Includes

  • iHeater black unit with 1000 square foot coverage
  • One year factory warranty
  • Risk free 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping and handling (a $19.95 savings)

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Hulk Grill Sale

The Ultimate Grill has many features that help you grill the best meals you'll ever produce. The Ultimate Grill can transform into a grill, waffle maker, skillet, panini sandwich press, pizza oven and even bakes cookies! Here are some other special features:

  • The Ultimate Grill opens flat to double your cooking space.
  • There are dual, variable heat settings from 210 degrees 450 degrees that allow you to individually control each grill plate. This custom setting provides variable cooking results to fry eggs and cook potatoes all at once.
  • Grease drain trap gathers all the unhealthy & fatty grease the Ultimate Grill is designed to cook away from your food.
  • The Ultimate Grill has a floating hinge that lets you cook thick items like big, juicy T-bone steaks & hearty pork chops.

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Buy optic 1050

  • Super-Lightweight Binoculars Easily Adjust To Your Eyes!
  • Shock-Resistant!
  • Shatterproof Lenses!

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Magic Jack

Free Trial
Use our Phone Service for free, make all the free calls you please. 100% Risk FREE - you pay nothing. (Hurry, less than 10,000 magicJacks are eligible to be shipped for the Free Trial Offer Today, Wednesday, May 26, 2010. This offer is not available in stores and will expire.) 

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Tasti Wave

Chef Tony™ TastiWave™ Cookware has changed the landscape of home cooking forever! Finally, a cookware made for your microwave that can grill, sear, roast, bake, steam and fry all your favorite foods in microwave speed but with conventional oven tastes. TastiWave™ cookware absorbs microwave energy and converts it into cooking energy, then releases it inside the cooker.

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Miracle Blade


  • 2 Slicers
  • 1 Carving Knife
  • 1 Rock & Chef
  • 1 Chop & Scoop
  • 1 Filet Knife
  • 1 Cheese Knife
  • 4 Steak Knives
  • 1 Paring Knife
  • 1 Pair of Kitchen Shears


Ten years ago Chef Tony launched the very first Miracle Blade Show, and with that Miracle Blades have become the number one trusted and best selling knives on TV world wide.

Since that time, then there have been three generations of innovation and improvements to his collection, and today, Chef Tony is proud to introduce his all new 4th generation of knives…the Miracle Blade World Class Professional Series. With all-new, perfectly balanced handles, flash forged technology, and a fresh, new look, the new Pro Series not only has the right knife for every job, it comes with an unconditional, Pledge of Perfection Lifetime Warranty. That means if the Miracle Blade should ever get dull, “even if the damage is your fault”, send it back and we’ll send you a new knife absolutely free!

If these knives aren’t the best knives you’ve ever owned, return them within 30 days for a "no questions asked" refund, and keep the second Miracle Blade Pro Slicer as a free gift from Chef Tony.

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