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We offer more free ship items than any of our competitors, however, on certain items, larger quantities must yield a shipping cost. The reason for this is actually quite simple. The formula pertains to our physical location in relation to our customer's shipping address. We (shop4tech) are located in Montclair, California and the shipping zone for our customers will directly correlate to the specific shipping cost to their location. Simply put, the further away a customer is from our location in Montclair, California, the more their shipping costs will be. Smaller quantities of 100 or less don't play that big of a factor in calculating shipping costs so we make it flat across the board for everyone in the continental U.S. For larger quantities, however, shipping becomes more of a factor and the formula as stated is quite simple. For example, if we were to ship 500 standard,14mm black dvd cases locally to a customer who resides in Montclair, California, their shipping cost would be less than if we were to ship the same cases across country to the East Coast. Most cities in the Midwest would yield shipping costs that would be higher than if they were local, but less than if they were on the East Coast. As you can see, the formula is quite simple. Our shipping quote systems work in unison with UPS and the USPS based on your zip code and is extremely accurate. Some people become deterred when they see shipping is as costly or more costly than the product itself, but we encourage them to look at the per unit price inclusive of shipping and they quickly realize that they are still getting an exceptional value even with paying shipping. Note: Depending on the price of the product and your location, it may be beneficial for you to select the 100 quantity "FREE SHIPPING" option and update your cart accordingly. For example, if you want 500 dvd cases at .24 each, you can select the 100 quantity with free shipping and update your cart to "5" where your total would be $120 shipped to your door. For quantities of 10,000 or more, please contact our professional sales support staff ( 1-866-907-3626) who can assist in obtaining a trucking company (freight) quote which is more beneficial to large volume. 
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